Hello! I know it has been awhile since I have updated things but I am still here and running my business as always. There are a few new but old things happening!

HOURS by appointment only

Tuesday 3pm-8pm, Wednesday 3-8pm, Thursday 3-8pm, Friday 9-5pm

*Days and times needed outside of these can be arranged and accommodated*

Special for the Month of February:

Shellac Pedicure & Shellac Manicue

$59.99 (tax included in the price)

I have been doing my usual crafts of handmade jewellery and body scrubs but I have also been busy making a few new items.

Since I have had my own little boy crawling around I have noticed my own need for things that I thought others can enjoy as well. I make bandana bibs, burping cloths and soother clips.

IMG_2438 IMG_2452*Bandana Bibs $6 each (sm,m,lrg) or 5 for $25 *Pacifier Clip $8 and Burping cloth $12 each

 The other I have been enjoying making is hand crochet hats for babies $7 and adults $10. It was very popular around the holidays and although it is not too cold of a winter this year they are still needed for a couple more months. I will be getting into more crochet items but the hats have been keeping me busy so far.

To check out items available I will be creating a separate category on site called “Handmade” and “Products”. I am able to ship products if needed. Shipping fees will apply.

More to come!!