Monthly Archives: April 2018

May News

New Things happening at Pretty in Pink!

Specials for the Month of May:

Shellac Manicure and Shellac Pedicure only $68 No waiting for your nails to dry, just get up and go be YOU with fabulous nails!

There is some new products that I have now become addicted to and the classics that I always carry.


First, Hempz! The sun is out so protect your skin with SPF 30 while moisturizing with a lovely and light fragrance! I’m so glad they came out with a sun protection product, I’m in love!!! I also have some Hempz favourites in stock with a Bonus size FREE! Same Hempz, same price but with more product/lotion FREE!!! How can you go wrong?! Another new Hempz in stock is mini body mist, mini lotions and mini body wash to just throw in your purse or backpack and go!

Cuccio, my latest obsession of non oily but very hydrating lotion for you ladies or the men who know their hands are dry but hate the greasy feeling of lotion. This product is for you! Yes there is lots of feminine scents but also some great scents like Coconut & Ginger and White Limetta and Aloe Vera that are great for everyone! This lotion leaves your skin moisturized and hydrated with a silky feeling but no lingering greasy after math. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed! I also carry Cuccio in a rich body butter to really hydrate your skin.

Gehwol is great for hydrating yes, but fabulous for getting rid of those cracked heels.  Keep the moisture in and the dryness out before its out of control! Gehwol for cracked feet is an amazing product that’s rich and will deal with keeping those cracks out! I have carried this product for years and its one of the best!

So these are my lotion addictions. Come in for a service and test them out or take one home and try it for yourself! Either way you wont disappointed.

I also have some news that I hope you all be excited about…. I am now a part of the Sweetlegs team and will be carrying Sweetlegs leggings in kids, petite, one size, and plus. This is an amazing product with a soft everlasting comfort and feel. Have fun with your look with great patterns or keep it simple with the sold prints. Either way, show off your style with confidence. Have a look on my facebook page “Sweetlegs Dundas with Jenna” or Instagram  “ Sweetlegs_Dundas_Jenna” or come in and shop.

Please check out my new days and hours that I am available. I hope to see you soon to get your hands, feet, legs, skin and lashes ready for this beautiful spring weather!